Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Fall Show for the Modern Prairie Girl


I was so honored to be asked to participate in another fun, community based, show.
The artists that are right next door are incredible. It reminds me that everyone has a gift and you'll never know what it is until you dig a little deeper and show interest in others.
So awesome!!! 
I had a great time and enjoyed visiting with such creative sweet people.
Love my hometown:))
 love, abi

Monday, July 25, 2016

the Modern Prairie Girl at the Peddlers/French Flea Market

Such a fun experience!!!!
I was so excited and honored when Suzie asked me if I'd be interested in being a part of her annual Peddler's Market. Of course I said yes right away and then wondered how in the world I was going to sew all that I needed to when I'd be gone for a week on a family vacation before the market got here! A week full of late nights and early mornings let me sew up all that I needed to and I was blessed with a successful market and a wonderful time!
I shared the booth with my sweet friend, Nancy. Sadly I didn't think to get a picture with her.
(She's crazy talented and super sweet! She made me wish I had a baby with all
her cute baby blankets and clothes!!! No joke.) 
My awesome and adorable cousins, Faith & Hannah came out and helped me run the booth.
I couldn't have done it without them!!!!  Thanks girls!!!!
The Peddlers/French Flea Market is full of amazing, talented artists.
Come out next year and be apart of it!!!
Thanks again, Suzie & Nancy!
xo Abi

Friday, July 22, 2016


My Daddy battled ALS for two years before Jesus took him home.
It wasn't until I learned that Daddy's last words here were "Home" that that word became
a whole new meaning for me.
Because I know he wasn't thinking this home. Here. He wasn't thinking the pain, the loss, the crying. He was thinking of Home. His Heavenly home, where the pain would be gone, the race won, the crown worn, his Jesus, my Jesus, waiting for him.
That's Home.
So that's when I came up with this idea.
A reminder to hang in my home here, that this isn't my home.
A reminder of the battle my Daddy fought. And won.
xoxo abi

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Modern Prairie Girl at the HeART of Tipton

 I was so excited when I was asked to participate in the local artist event here in Tipton called The HeArt of Tipton. I loved every minute of visiting with such great people and thoroughly enjoyed taking a peek into their creative outlets.

I appreciated everyone that stopped by - whether you purchased something or not,
your encouraging words were more than enough :) 
Speaking of creative people... there was a sweet young lady right new to me. She gave me a henna tattoo (it'll last for maybe a week). She had a whole sheet of things she could do, but when I asked if she could do the Christian fish and PK for Promise Keepers, she did it perfectly!
Of course. Thanks Cassie!

If you can, be sure and come out to Tipton on July 8-9 for another awesome show!
I'll be there! :)
xo Abi

Monday, April 18, 2016

Modern Prairie Sewing.. at Always in Stitches!!!!

When I found my book, Modern Prairie Sewing, sitting on the book shelf at Always in Stitches in Noblesville, I was so excited!!!
The gals at Always in Stitches were happy too, so we got together and set a date for me to have a book signing!

 Turnabout blouse...

 my books...


 This gorgeous young lady is my cousin, Hannah.
She was super sweet and offered to test out the Everyday Sundress back when I was working on the pattern.
She wore her Everyday Sundress to the book signing and it looked
SO cute on her!!!
(Proof's in the puddin'... ^ )

I had such a great day!!! I had a lot of fun at my book signing and enjoyed talking to quite a few gals who were just like me... they love to sew and see where their imagination and fabric will take them!

I especially loved seeing my family (and a couple friends!) walk up.
Wow. I have the most amazing and supportive family ever.
And I love them to pieces. Each and every one.

Thanks so much, Always in Stitches, for having me!
You have a beautiful and inspirational store.
xx Abi

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Big Move

Hi everyone!
Sorry it's been awhile. Too long actually.
But life happened and I just couldn't keep up!!!

So I'm super happy to say that I've moved back to Indiana!
Yes, back. Because this is where I started life. 
Hopefully, as I get more settled in the blog posts will continue.
In the mean while, I'm having too much fun with my family and reconnecting with old friends!

God is so good to me!
xo from up here, Abi