Monday, June 30, 2014

Behind the Scenes!

We were excited, smiling, modeling, running to follow the sunshine, picking out outfits, painting fingers & toes, doing hair, and loving every minute of it.

We were taking photos.
We were just there to help C&T's amazing (and adorable!) photographer, Nissa.
It was SO - WOW! We had talked about it before, and now when the time came to do the real-deal photoshoot, my sisters and I all grabbed a friend and started doing hair, makeup, and nails. Picking out clothes and shoes to wear with whatever project they were modeling was one of my very favorite things!

                                     Have to admit it. We had a lot of yummy fun doing it too!

So thankful to have such amazing, beautiful, bright, sweet, best friends that want to be a part of whatever I do. (Missing Becky in the above pic, though!)

Behind the Scene shots!!!!!

                                 Above two photos by C&T for Modern Prairie Sewing!!!!!
In short! It was divine.

XO Abi