Friday, September 26, 2014

Spreading the Love

Nothing as sweet as being able to be a part of a growing love and ability in a little cousin's life.
I was so humbled and thrilled to be able to mail a copy of Modern Prairie Sewing as a birthday gift from my great aunt Dot (her Memaw - shhh, don't tell!) to my little cousin for her birthday. Ella's been learning how to sew. My Nanny helped Ella make a sweet dress and now Ella wants to explore the beautiful world of sewing.
I can't wait to see what her little hands make first!
A Maggie bag in the works! And now finished and ready to be carried everywhere! Do you want to see the finished bag? Or do you want to be surprised and see it at a book signing, trunk show, or International Quilt Market? Tell me and I'll see what I can do!
And the Leeway apron and the Simple Wrap scarf pictures? Well. Those girls are some of my very favorites, so I just had to!!!! By the way! The apron and scarf would make fabulous Christmas presents! The style can easily be changed just by what fabric you choose to make your project out of! So just give it go! 
Big Love,

Monday, September 22, 2014

memories are made of this.

We went over to our best friends house on Friday and had a fantastic time! Of course you know these girls!  They are some of the gorgeous models in Modern Prairie Sewing >>>>

This is Faith's bed. Isn't it the cutest?! I love the little, patchwork pillows that she made that fit so well with her happy sense of style. You know the quilt, right?  And her 'F' pillowcase? The Memory Quilt and the Pieces & Letters Pillowcase.  I thought it was perfect that we were able to snap some fun group pictures on the Memory quilt while we made some special memories of our own.

I love you, Faith!
xoxo Abi

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Playing Favorites

It just makes sense to ask a pattern designer which is their favorite project, right? When I hosted my giveaway a little while back, I got a lot of people asking me which project from Modern Prairie Sewing was my favorite.

I'm here today to tell you that all 20 of them are my favorites.

And when I make something new, it makes its way onto the love list too. Just because I'm that crazy.

I whipped up the Belle bag and the Memory Quilt from Modern Prairie Sewing over the last week. I'm super excited to show off these beauties at book signings, trunk shows and International Quilt Market! 

So for now, I'm not playing favorites. I'm just enjoying every single project from my book.

Big Love, Abi

Monday, September 15, 2014

Plant. Grow. Love.

These pictures featuring some of my sewing projects from Modern Prairie Sewing, were taken by my sister, Abiah. I love the moments she captured and it makes me think of a slightly different life of my book. When it was being shaped and molded. Fixed and refixed. Loved on. Special, gifted hands touching and working on it hour by the hour.
I was so inspired during that growing stage. Taking root and blossoming into what my book is today. I'll continue to love and remember every step it took.
Thankful. Thankful for the talented people that worked so tirelessly on my manuscript, on the perfect photos now gracing the pages of Modern Prairie Sewing. Thankful to the Lord for such an amazing and fabulous experience.
As much as I was inspired and enjoyed the growing, I would love nothing more than to see a little bit of fun and new sewing going on in your unique studios & sewing spaces. Please share your sewing memories with me!
xoxo Abi

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Birthday to my one and only MOMMY!


Today is one of the best days EVER!
Today is my Mommy's birthday!!!!!!!
She has four very loyal daughters. She is our best friend and confidant. We tell her all about our fun times, our dreams. We confide in her, tell her our fears and our struggles. And she listens to every single bit of it. She knows every bit about us and encourages us to be just who God made us. She's always so encouraging when we get wild ideas. (Like. Wild ideas to write books. Uhm) When she's behind me, I feel like I could do about anything. We've been through awesome times and we've been through rough times, but we've always been together.
I'm so thankful for you, Mommy!  You are the absolute best and I simply adore you! I thank the Lord for you today and everyday!
My Love Always,
Abs    xoxoxoxo
Check out the blog post my sisters and I did on our marie-madeline blog!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Send a Little Message Bag {tutorial} & GIVEAWAY!


"When I designed the Send a Little Message bag, I immediately thought of something playful and fun.I chose fabrics that would be just as playful as the message I was sending to all of you crafty folks. The strap is long enough to be worn as a cross body, but if you like your bags to be extra long (or if you’re a willowy type of girl and need more length), just add a few inches to the length of the strap measurement. This bag also sends a quirky message; it boasts of a nice big pocket on the front perfect for housing lots of fun things that need to be grabbed out in a flash. This bag is really quick to make and I hope you’ll be as stoked about that as I am! It’s also a great Christmas or birthday gift - especially if the recipient loves a beautiful handmade gift! Sew! What are you waiting for? Have fun and please share your success story with me on the  Modern Prairie Sewing Facebook page or via my email! xoxo Abi"

Giveaway time!  Would you like to win your very own copy of Modern Prairie Sewing? Would you like to have just one more fun and easy bag tutorial that you can whip up for family & friends as a hand-crafted-with-love gift? Just hop over to C&T's blog to see their Happy National Sewing Month and pick up the tutorial for this cute bag while you're there! And learn all the details for their sweet GIVEAWAY going on! Hurry up!!!! You're welcome.

xoxo Abi

Passing Along the Towels!

A sweet friend of my ooohed and aaahhhed over the oven towels when she was flipping through my book, Modern Prairie Sewing. A plan quickly formed in my mind! Why not surprise her with a complete towel set? This friend was not only super happy and encouraging when I was writing my book, but she loaned her daughters (and my best friends!) to me so they could model all day for the lovely photos in Modern Prairie Sewing!!!!  Her kitchen is red, yellow, bright, roosters. A very classic and fun country. I pulled out some of these quirky prints and made her a Pass the Hand Towel, Please! and a set of Oven Towels.

I just couldn't help myself.

XO  abi

Monday, September 8, 2014

Worn for Summer

These were taken when we went on vacation this summer. It was awesome! If you ever make it to Kokomo, Indiana go looking for Treasure Mart. It's a fun and packed flea market that we never can go without visiting when we go back home!  Have fun digging around!  You're welcome.

This became one of my favorite outfits of the summer! My Sunny Day skirt from Modern Prairie Sewing. Naturally. It was super comfortable. Just the right length for the hot days too. And the piece of lace I stitched on when we got there around the hem, was the icing on the cake. My thought is, why not carry this fun skirt through the fall too? Tights and boots and a jean jacket. Go for it! 

xoxo Abi

Friday, September 5, 2014

Flippin' Through Time

                                                            Breakfast at Joe's. #weloveourbrother
                           And yes. That is the Pieces & Letters Pillowcase from Modern Prairie Sewing!

                                         My sisters & I crowded together. Seems we do that best!

                                                   Up & Away. Ferris Wheel Fun!

                             Pow! Wow! I have to admit, Joe & his friend, talked us in to doing it too!
                                          It was really fun!!! (Of course, I thought of Rocky!)

Hope your past few weekends have been as awesome!
xoxo Abi