Monday, June 29, 2015

Just Put a Knot In It!

I made a tie! 
I'm very happy with how it turned out. I used Tanya Whelan's book
Sew What You Love, and the instructions were great.
I took the time to read over the instructions before I started (I'm completely turning over a new leaf with that!) and it really helped when I was ready to sew. 

Confession: I actually made this tie for my Pastor! 
Even though I added more length to the tie so it would be the average length for men, I found out yesterday at Church that it's still a little too short for my Pastor. 
So! I'm planning on starting over again.
No big deal though. It'll be fun. Again. I'm sure.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

happy day.

My super sweet sister carries around her KittyJo bag with her all over Texas. 
What can I say? 
Maybe... she's the best?! 
Yeppers. She is that!
Love you, Phi!
xoxo Abs

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Modern Prairie Sewing ... where to buy!

     Write up from The Good Cook about Modern Prairie Sewing: 
"Embrace your inner farm girl with beautiful and relaxed looks to sew for your home and wardrobe. With page after page of cheery and bright projects that come together as quick and easy as can be, Abigail A. Long's Modern Prairie Sewing is a fantastic book to reach for when you want to treat someone you love to a pretty handmade gift. Even even those who've never sewn before can expect picture-perfect results, since the toughest part about making these 20 projects is deciding what to sew first. Choose from flowing skirts, a jaunty tote with a flower on the front, a cute and comfy dress, scarves, an obi belt, a blouse, an apron, a quilt, pretty pouches for sewing supplies or credit cards, and so much more."

Other places that are selling Modern Prairie Sewing? Check out the links below!!! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

achaiavictoria on Etsy!!

Pride is not something I usually struggle with, but I've got to say, I'm SO PROUD of this girl!!!!
 My sister, Achaia, has opened up her Etsy shop, now full with beautifully hand embroidered pillows!!!!  They are A+amazing!!!  Her work is gorgeous and she uses
high quality everything - from the fabric she stitches on to her floss. 
She hand writes on each pillow. Can you imagine?? 
If that isn't enough, she finishes off each pillow with a darling handmade tassel attached to the zipper.  
You've got to go check out her shop NOW!!!! 
If you know someone who's looking for fabulously cool pillows 
for their home, send them over there to take a look. 
I know y'all will find something you need.
(Because, in all seriousness, I find myself wanting the one she makes 
and the next one she makes and the next one she makes......)

If she asks who sent you, tell her it's that humble sister of hers. Ahem.
xo Abi

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


When I hear a friend is having a baby, my first thought is, "What can I make them?".
Well, actually. That's my second thought. My first thought is, "YAY! I love babies!!!"
I almost always come back to this adorable Henny Penny and her little chicks. 
The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings.

So when I heard that our sweet and adorable friend was pregnant with her first 
and that it was a little boy, I pulled out Handmade Beginnings off of my bookshelf and got to cutting out. We decided to go with a slightly more boyish color scheme, while still choosing a print that would be suitable for Henny Penny herself. 
She has six adorable chicks tucked under her wings too.
I think she's happy with that. 

xo Abi

Thursday, June 4, 2015

a gold A

I'd been wanting to cross stitch my first initial for awhile now. 
Working with the gold floss + the loosely woven Monks cloth, was challenging!
However, I am super happy with how my 'A' turned out and I would do it again. 
After I finished the cross stitch letter, I knew that it needed something more. 
I decided that a simple muslin border and a gold running stitch around the edges would do just nicely.
I was right! It was just what the A needed to pop! 

Are any of you working on a fun and challenging cross stitch project? 
xo Abi