Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Modern Prairie Sewing is on SALE!

One of my very favorite fabric websites, QuiltHome, is have 40% off of their sewing books including

So hop over and grab your own copy of Modern Prairie Sewing: 20 Handmade Projects for You & Your Friends at a great price while supporting a fabulous and fun company. 
(Seriously. These people are fantastic!)
The coupon code is: 
QHBKS and it ends this Friday!!!
xx Abi

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

my cousins and their smiles...

... and their Sophie Bags

These beautiful girls are my cousins. Not only are they my family,
but they are always so willing and ready to test anything that I come up with!

The Betty pouches were just a little bit of a thank-you + hugs I sent along with the bags. 
(If you want to make your own Betty pouches, you'll find the pattern in here!)

So thankful for these girls and their big smiles! 
Love you, Faith & Hannah!
XO  Abi

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

an afghan pillow.

I had just finished making an afghan for my sister and had just a little bit of yarn left.
I decided that I'd go ahead and whip up a baby size afghan with the left over yarn. 
This happened. 

Another sister asked if I'd mind making a pillow size afghan and using it as the front for a pillow.
Very clever, Sister!
That got my wheels to turning.
Then I ran out of yarn and the baby afghan was too much of a baby size even for a baby.
So. I swallowed. 
And cut into my tiny finished afghan to fit a pillow form. 

I actually love how it turned out!
I sewed tassels in each corner and put in my first ever zipper-like-this. 

It matches the sister's afghan and she likes it. 
Now another sister wants one.
I think I'll be doing this a lot.

xo Abi

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's a tutorial for C&T Publishing's National Sewing Month!

If you'd like to make your own Happy Pouch, hop over to the C&T blog 

But what makes this occasion super fun, is that C&T is GIVING AWAY 
Don't forget to throw your name in the hat so you can win your own copy!
                            Grab a cup of coffee or a coke (I'll bring the brownies) and let's sew!

XO  Abi