Tuesday, September 8, 2015

an afghan pillow.

I had just finished making an afghan for my sister and had just a little bit of yarn left.
I decided that I'd go ahead and whip up a baby size afghan with the left over yarn. 
This happened. 

Another sister asked if I'd mind making a pillow size afghan and using it as the front for a pillow.
Very clever, Sister!
That got my wheels to turning.
Then I ran out of yarn and the baby afghan was too much of a baby size even for a baby.
So. I swallowed. 
And cut into my tiny finished afghan to fit a pillow form. 

I actually love how it turned out!
I sewed tassels in each corner and put in my first ever zipper-like-this. 

It matches the sister's afghan and she likes it. 
Now another sister wants one.
I think I'll be doing this a lot.

xo Abi