Saturday, October 24, 2015

Everyday Sundress - a PDF pattern!

Everyday Sundress! 

Complete with women's sizes XS - XL with full size pattern pieces,
 ready to download, print off and tape together!!
A terrific pattern for a beginning sewist who wants to venture past the
simplistic elastic waist skirt.
The beautiful thing about the Everyday Sundress (and all of it's easy views) is that
it's flattering to every figure type.

Sew! What are you waiting for?!
Order the pattern now and get it now when you purchase it here.  

Abiah & Clara in The Dresses - knee & maxi

Sophie & Abi in The Tunic

Bella in The Top
Just us....
Check out the video too!!!
We had so much fun talking and laughing and soaking in the 
sunshine while we spent the day together. 
happy sewing!  xo, Abi

             Special thanks to my friend, Sam, for mentioning in passing the word ‘sundress’ while we were talking about possible patterns and when I was racking my brain to find a name for this design. In turn, I liked the sound of the word so much that I just had to use it! After I made this tunic in knit, it only seemed right to stick the word ‘everyday’ in there too. So the Everyday Sundress has him to thank for its proper name! And so do I.

Huge thanks to my friend Sophie of Smile For Sophie Photography for the 
gorgeous finished project photos and the wonderful video!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Darison's Tag Baby Blankies {a tutorial}

This adorable neighbor girl of mine is so sweet. 
(Some of you might recognize her as a long-time model for marie-madeline studio patterns...)

When Darison found out that her cousin and his wife were going to be having their first baby, she quickly and thoughtfully set out to make them something special for their precious little one. 
She found a tutorial on how to make these super adorable blankies and went out and found the softest, cutest fabrics and ribbons. 
I was so happy that Darison wanted to spend one of our Fridays together sewing up these sweet baby gifts. (She decided to make two blankets - one for the cousin coming and the other for a little cousin who's already here....) So between homework and cookie dough and then baked cookies, she made these blankets. 
Yes. She. Because all I did was help her out sometimes. 
Darison did a fantastic job and I'm so proud of her! 
She also graciously allowed me to take pictures of her while she worked, so we could share a little bit of our fun day and a new tutorial with you all. 

Darison's Tag Baby Blankies 

-2 squares 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" of soft fabrics (minky, fleece, flannel)
-Ribbon (silky is especially fun)  

 1. cut ribbon 5" long.
 2. fold ribbon in half and pin around the edges of your square. raw edges of ribbon even with raw edge of fabric.

 3. sew ribbon tails down at 1/4".
 4. right sides together, place squares together, with ribbons sandwiched in between.
 5. sew squares together at 1/4". make sure your second stitch is right inside your first stitch. leave 3" gap in the middle of one side.
 6. clip corners and cut off excess around edges.
 7. turn right side out through 3" gap.
 8. carefully push out corners and topstitch around edges at 1/4".

 And..... you're finished! 
Thanks, Darison!

Way to go, Dare!  So proud of you. I know your little cousins will love them!
xo Abi