Monday, September 15, 2014

Plant. Grow. Love.

These pictures featuring some of my sewing projects from Modern Prairie Sewing, were taken by my sister, Abiah. I love the moments she captured and it makes me think of a slightly different life of my book. When it was being shaped and molded. Fixed and refixed. Loved on. Special, gifted hands touching and working on it hour by the hour.
I was so inspired during that growing stage. Taking root and blossoming into what my book is today. I'll continue to love and remember every step it took.
Thankful. Thankful for the talented people that worked so tirelessly on my manuscript, on the perfect photos now gracing the pages of Modern Prairie Sewing. Thankful to the Lord for such an amazing and fabulous experience.
As much as I was inspired and enjoyed the growing, I would love nothing more than to see a little bit of fun and new sewing going on in your unique studios & sewing spaces. Please share your sewing memories with me!
xoxo Abi