Friday, July 18, 2014



                             Two Beauties. Sunny Day skirts. Tulle. A wood pile. Chambray & denim.
                                                                     It was divine.

I had so much fun taking these pictures of my gorgeous sisters, Abiah & Achaia!  I have a lot more that I want to share along and along. If you don't mind?

The skirts are the Sunny Day skirts from Modern Prairie Sewing. And the fabric? Look no further than Jennifer Paganelli!  The skirt Achaia is wearing is made from Jennifer's JoAnn's line, Jenny Eliza. And I had to pull out tulle to make Abiah's skirt extra 'zippy'. I used Jennifer's Beauty Queen for the top skirt. What do you think?

I'm going on vacation!!!!!  Back home to see family and friends and relax. I can't wait!!!  I will be posting once in a blue moon, so stay tuned!

xoxo Abi