Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunlight through Jars

When I started writing Modern Prairie Sewing, the look that I wanted to get across was high on my priority list. I knew what I liked, but making it come alive for other people to see and enjoy was more work than I had it figured for!  Working with C&T helped in a huge way!  They were right there helping me and one of my fabulous editors, Michele, finally pegged it for me.

"Your style is Amy Butler meets MaryJane's Farm."

Duh. She was right! Why hadn't I thought of that? (Thanks, Michele!)
A light bulb came on and I saw a little bit of light that made styling my book a lot of fun.

XO Abi

PS - Oh! the old buttons in glass jars? Doesn't it look adorable? One of my very favorite ways to store my buttons. (Pst! It's a clever tip in Modern Prairie Sewing!  There are a ton more clever tips in there too! Can't wait for you to found them all out.)