Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blog Hop *Abiah of marie-madeline studio*

I can't believe it!  It's the last day for our Modern Prairie Sewing blog hop!  It's been so exciting and fun to have so many of my crafty & creative friends participate. I almost wish I could've made it last forever! Silly, I know. But this has been too awesome!

Our last-but-certainly-not-least blog hop buddy is Abiah. Will you just look at that? So adorable, fun, inspiring, sweet, bright, precious, cute, hilarious, supportive, gorgeous.... Oh duh. I'm supposed to be talking about the belt! Oops! Sorry. That would be describing my little sis. I am so proud of this girl. When I asked her to be a part of this blog hop, she said, "sure!", then asked me what I wanted her to make. I told her what I almost always tell her, "whatever you want". She decided to make the It's a Cinch belt. And she did it by herself in record time! I've never seen her finish a project so quickly. I love the way she styled it too. See how versital the It's a Cinch belt is? Look at the way April styled her belt and then the way Abiah's wearing her's here!  SO FUN!!!!! Love it! Love you too, Buggsie!

Thanks, Abiah!

And thank you, friends! Check out all these amazing ladies that have participated in this Modern Prairie Sewing blog hop!

NOW!  Comes the really, really, exciting part!!!!  Let's pick ourselves 2 WINNERS!!!! I'll plan on posting a giveaway tomorrow!!!!  Stay tuned! 

Big Love and hugs to all of you!  XO Abi

Jenny Fish! * Pam Kitty Morning! * Jona G!
Melissa P! * SewCaroline! * Melissa S!
April Rhodes! * Abiah!