Monday, September 1, 2014

We've got some WINNERS!

Winner 1 - #132 Elizabeth Hesse
Winner 2 - #51 Rachel Wofford
First --  I want to say how thankful I am for such an overwhelming responce! You all are awesome! Next, I want to say that is really isn't fair. What I think would be fair is to have you all over to my home and we'd sew all day. (Of course, you includes your crafty friends and your own little prairie girls too.) I'd make chocolate chip cookies or pie (who says we can't have both?!), and we'd meet each other and stitch and snack and stitch some more. I'd specially sign each copy of Modern Prairie Sewing for your special selves and together we'd sew the project that first caught your eye as you filled through my book. Together. That's what I really want.
I really wish all of you would've won. But those of you who pursue teaching your girl or girls to love to stitch with their hands and make something theirs.... you'll be the real winners.
I hope you're reeeaaaallllyyyy thrilled Elizabeth & Rachel! Happy day!!!!
Thank you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks from a very humbled me.
Lots of Love, Abi