Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Abigail A. Long

Image of Abigail A. Long
Abigail A. Long is a 20-something excited seamstress who wants other women to love sewing and crafting like she does. She has been around sewing all her life and wants other people to experience the joy of making something fun & useful with their hands. When she's not making a mess with fabric in her family's Missouri home studio, she's making a yummy dessert. Abi loves to run through tall grass barefoot, hug family & friends, laugh, ride bikes, hold babies and ride rollercoasters. Abi is a Christian, and her faith is an important part of who she is; it has contributed to her family values and how she views the resources of the world.
She has written several sewing tutorials at, including her popular messenger bag. She tries to blog regularly at, where you'll find beautiful pictures and easy tutorials.

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