Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I was blessed with the most amazing year!  
It's not that there weren't disappointments, trials or tears. I think those come with every good year, but with the end of the difficulty came love and smiles. 
God is so very very good to me! 

*my book became more than a dream. The Lord taught me a little patience as I waited on His perfect timing and as I stepped through a lot of different things that I'd never done before.
*I hosted my first-ever trunk show. I met lots of beautiful people and had an honoring time of signing copies of Modern Prairie Sewing.
*my brother, Joe, went to school. I learned more about people (interesting...) and even a little bit about farrier work! (That's a plus, right?!)
*I am constantly thankful for my cup-over-flowing of phenomenal family.... And friends! Dinner dates, sleepovers, and shopping outings were awesome, good, and encouraging.
*I turned 22.
*A month after turning 22, I was asked how old I was. I responded quickly with, "oh, 21." Then I had to stop and think why that sounded wrong. I was gone before I figured it out and could tell that sweet gal that I'd just turned 22. Oooops! Oh well!
*I wrote several tutorials for different places and was interviewed about my book through a fun podcast!
*I managed to pull off 2 giveaways for my book. My first on-my-own giveaways ever! It was super fun and I loved doing it. 
*I bought fun fleece to make pj's for some of my favorite little kids ever. 
*I found this year more than ever that I'd rather give than get. 
*I decided to tackle dog training. You wouldn't want to hire me! haha 
But Brandy's a happy girl and I taught her how to sit. Her other amazing gifts, like being excited when I give her a treat, I can't take the credit for!
*I've read more this past year than since I got out of highschool! Big Score! 
*Our church held 3 cantatas. I was blessed to be a part of every one of them. 
  Soooooooooooooooo manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy things happened this year! I can't quite phrase all of it into words here, but I can say with a certainty that Jesus has been my rock and hiding place and has given me so much peace through the trying times.

I'm so excited to see what The Lord will do for all of us in 2015. 
I know it'll be amazing!!!!

Lots of love from here,  Abi