Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Time's A-Comin'!

Wow!  Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner?!  I love Christmas time. Even though I'm horrible at making a Christmas list of things I'd like to have... I never can think of anything I want. However, after my sister, Achaia, begged me to make one, I thought real hard and came up with a few things I wouldn't mind having. Most importantly: a sewing pattern or two, razors, cowboy boots, and maybe a gift certificate to Target or QuiltHome.

I find I'd rather give than get....

What's on your list???!!!! 

Modern Prairie Sewing is now selling on marie-madeline and I will sign a special note on the inside cover to those who would like one!  It's selling for awesome prices on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and JoAnn Fabrics. Now's the time to order a copy if you want it in time for Christmas!

My entire month of December is full to the brim of amazing and fun things that I love doing. It's a little hectic at times, but I wouldn't trade it! 

Keep warm!  xx Abi