Saturday, March 21, 2015

There's Beauty in Bedmaking.

Some chores aren't the most exciting. Like sweeping or vaccuming - I take that time to sing. 
Or dusting - I take that time to dance. Call me crazy, but it automatically makes the chore 
more fun. And who doesn't like that?!
Thankfully, I can say that there's not many house chores (chores period) that I can't 
stand doing. Making beds is something that I actually enjoy doing and love pulling out some 
different combinations every time.
I must say that this one is probably one of my favorites. I made the bed up for my brother, Joe, when he recently came home for a visit. The bottom quilt is one that I made when I was about 15. 
I pulled out a bunch of leftover and favored pieces and whipped it up. It was the beginning of our 
marie-madeline studio Happy Scrappy Quilt. I hand quilted it too. 
The polka dot comforter was giving to my sisters and me by a super sweet lady from our grandparents church. Seeing it makes me think of how thoughtful she was.... The comforter has remained a special blankie that we now can't seem to part with.
A vintage quilt from my Nanny and Paps. 
And a cozy channel bedspread from my Mom. 
Lots of things that make me happy. 

What do you pull out to make your bedmaking something other than a dreaded chore? 
xx Abi