Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Favorite Belt (+ how-to!)

I don't wear belts that often, but when I do I'm always excited to pull this fun one out
that my Paps got me on one of our super special granddaughters & Paps outings!
The only problem was that the belt was still too loose on the tightest notch. 
I'd still wear it with a loose cardigan thrown over the top of my outfit 
to hide the fact that it was loose in the back. 
I decided that it needed to be fixed. So I found matching thread and got to playing around!  
The how-to pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I went ahead and left notes 
that might help you out.
Here's what I did to shrink my belt down to the perfect size, 
while still keeping it's store bought finished look.
I hope that it'll get your wheels to turning for any elastic 
backed belts that you need personally fitted!
 carefully rip the store stitches out. I only ripped out the ones that were sewn into the elastic.

 this part's up to you. figure out how much needs to be cut off and do it!
 tuck your elastic back into the belt front.
 find the stitch width that best matches the store stitches (mine was 3.5). 
try to cover the holes made by the manufacturer.
 sweet! it's done!
xo Abi