Saturday, April 25, 2015

x stitch.

 My sister, Achaia, is master when it comes to handwork. 
Of course, she probably takes after our Nan who makes everything come 
out of her needle just beautifully. 
She also holds her needle like our Aunt Teresa, who happens to make everything
look gorgeous when it comes out of her needle. 
So. Well. I come along and can't seem to hold my needle right for 
However, after watching Achaia stitch for so long, my fingers begin to itch and I have
to try some kind of needlework... any kind of needlework!
So I almost always come back to cross stitch. 
(Because my embroidery is seriously lacking.) 
But I love cross stitch and I think it likes me too. 
So I may not be Achaia, Nanny, or Aunt Teresa, but I'm happy anyway! 

xo Abi