Friday, July 24, 2015

Something I've Learned.

This is me and my Nan hitching a ride on a bus that took us from our Houston, TX hotel to the convention center where the fall 2013 International Quilt Market was taking place. 

Anyone who knows my grandparents, Nanny & Paps, knows that they're giving people. 
They give their time, their work, their talents, their gifts, their hands to anyone in need. 
And they just give. 
They don't ask or expect anything in return.
So naturally, I adore them. (Actually. Love them fiercely.)

They've always been there to encourage me, set me straight and teach me; whether it's about painting cars [thank you, Paps!], how to make a pillow [thank you, Nan!], or how to respond or behave in a way that pleases Jesus Christ [thank you, both!]. They even love me through my craziness. Wow.

So now that you know that, it's probably understandable why, when my Nan called with an idea for a new bag that she wanted me to make for her, I just couldn't say no. 
She wanted a simple hipster style bag, with zippers, pockets, and an adjustable strap. 

Simple, right? No. I wanted it to be just perfect. 
(I think a thumb nail disappeared after I racked my brain on how to make professional looking zippers and pockets like that. Oops.) 
Nanny sent me the fabrics that she wanted me to use and I made a prototype. 
When she called, we talked about ways it could be better and I got to work. 
I made it. I sent it.
It took me awhile to get the design and how I'd construct it in my head.
But the main thing is: Nan loved it. 

Instead of Nan giving to me (like she has my whole life and continues to), I could give back. 
Even though it was a simple thing, I gave. 
And I loved it. 
It was worth the time, the prototype, and the math.
And thumbnails grow back.

I love you, Nan (and Paps)! 
XOXO  abs