Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcoming 2016 {and saying Goodbye to 2015}

Wow. I say that at the end of every year and the beginning of each new one.
But it's so true and expresses exactly what I'm feeling. Wow.
2015 was a whirlwind. A totally crazy hectic whirlwind.

::I actually designed and came out with my first ever PDF patterns for my Etsy shop, The Modern Prairie Girl!!!  This was a HUGE step for me. One that required a lot of crazy hours and mulling pattern pieces over at even crazier hours. There was a lot of frustrating computer moments, but the Lord brought me through (like He always does!) and four patterns later, I'm still alive and so is our computer. I'm so thankful for my family and friends who were so supportive and excited and interested in what I was working on.

::I had great days. Best days. Surprise days. Down days. Crying days. Too much chocolate & coke days. Overwhelming days. Happy days. But the Lord was forever faithful and patient with a very impatient and sometimes very faithless me.

::I have the most amazing and uplifting family & friends possible. Period!

::I had a birthday.

::I had sale after sale in my Etsy shop. And was overwhelmed by the kind ladies who purchased each and every time.

::My sewing book, Modern Prairie Sewing, went out of print, but continues to be selling online and in stores. (Please pick up a copy when you can!)

::I kissed goodbye to my sister, Apphia. She's living happily in Texas.

::I helped my sister, Achaia, prepare to move down to Texas.

::Our brother, Joe, lived with us for short time. It was fun.

The traffic and confusion continues right into this New Year, but I'm okay with that!
What would LIFE be without that?!

Thankful and excited for 2016!
xo from here,