Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blog Hop *Jenny Fish of Sew Pretty Dresses*


So it begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Modern Prairie Sewing blog hop!!!!!
I'm so stoked, everyone! 

The one to kick off this fun event, is my sweet & beautiful friend, Jenny. She is a master seamstress and a really amazing person. She decided to make the Betty pouch. I love it! 

Check out her blog post at Sew Pretty Dresses! (And see even more cute photos! I almost had to use the picture of the Mr. Stevens turtle giving it his stamp of approval! So cute!)

Thanks Jenny!!!!

Next up:

Jenny Fish! August 20th
Pam Kitty Morning! August 21st

Jona G! August 22nd
Melissa P! August 23rd
SewCaroline! August 25th
Melissa S! August 26th
April Rhodes! August 27th
Abiah! August 28th

A super fun giveaway to follow right here 29th - 31st.  TWO giveaway winners will be announced September 1st! 

XO  Abi