Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bulletin Board! - a tutorial

Bulletin boards are really handy. I have one in my bedroom cluttered with some of my favorite pictures. I also have one at my sewing table; this one covered with fabric scraps, treasured buttons, a few pictures of friends, inspirational drawings and cutouts from magazines.

When one of our besties had her birthday, we knew exactly what we wanted to give her:
A bulletin board. 

My sister, Abiah and I got to work and had the best time making over a simple cork board into something pretty and thinking the whole while about our adorable and amazing friend, Becky! 

-cork board, whatever size/shape you desire
-cotton batting, a few inches on each side overlapping board
-fabric, a few inches on each side overlapping board
Fabric can be quilting cotton weight (like ours), velveteen, or a substantial cotton linen. 
-staple gun and staples
-hot glue gun and glue
-rick rack (ours had to be glittery, of course! Because our Becks is super fun like that!)
-buttons (preferably very colorful. Like we said before - she's SO fun!)

 1. lay batting on top of cork board.
 2. Make sure batting is fitted to the board while you're stapling around the edges.

 3. Snip out corners of batting.
 4. Trim excess batting around edges.
                     5. After batting has been secured around all edges, lay fabric on top.

 6. Fold raw edge of fabric under and flip over to completely cover batting.
 7. Staple away ... carefully!
 a finished corner...
 8. Grab your rick rack and lay out strips approximately 4 1/2" apart. Pin at the sides of your board.
 9. Flip board over and staple ends of rack rack down on the backside.
 11. Staple down rick rack at each intersection.
 12. Hot glue down buttons on top of each rick rack intersection/staple.
 13. Optional hanging device!  I used a jigsaw hanger. Measure and mark at the middle of your board.
 14. Hammer in nails securely. 

And you're done! 
We love you, Becky!!! 
Abi & Abiah

me & Becky - love this gorgeous girl to the moon and back....