Friday, November 6, 2015

Firecracker Skirt - a PDF pattern!!!!

Wow! Eep! Yay! Hurray! 
It's out!!!!
The skirt pattern that started fumbling around in my brain months ago is now ready for the rest of the world to see, sew, wear and enjoy!!!!!

The good news is that it can be made and worn by women and girls alike!
That's fun, right? Buy one pattern and you can make it for every.single.age.
I like that about this skirt too.

I would definitely suggest giving this skirt as a gift; especially if you can sneak your best friend's waist measurement and her favorite skirt length from her!

So here's my story behind the Firecracker skirt:
This fun full skirt is definitely fit and flare. Hugging you at the waist, but plenty of room
for leg movement. (Who doesn’t love movement?!) This little skirt is a breeze to make
and includes an optional lining slip version too. Simple shirring at the waist adds comfort
and ease. Wear your Firecracker skirt with sneakers for a casual look, or wear it Sunday
morning with espadrilles for a bang. Add pom pom trim or vintage lace around the hem
of your skirt for a special touch of uniqueness. 
After all, it’s your skirt; don’t be afraid to let it sparkle!

Special thanks to my sister, Abiah, and our three best friends, Faith, Jane &
Becky. Just because the four of you brighten my world. I love you. Happy sewing, y'all!!!!  XO Abi
Huge thanks to my sisters, Abiah and Achaia. Abiah, for the perfect finished
photos. Achaia, for being the most gorgeous and sweetest model ever. xo