Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Modern Prairie Girl! {Kyla}

"Ms. Abi - thank you so much for making the book, I really enjoy it, and I loved making this skirt. I'm sending you an air hug!
Hearts, Kyla"
I'm definitely sending many airhugs back, Kyla!  I met Kyla, her mom, and grandma at the trunk show that The Rabbit's Lair hosted for Modern Prairie Sewing. Spending time visiting with them (especially Kyla) was so exciting and I loved every minute of it.
Kyla's an adorable, energetic, happy little girl. Plus, she's a creative genius. It made me so thrilled to see her wheels turning as she fingered the sewn items from Modern Prairie Sewing while we talked  at The Rabbit's Lair. A couple days later, this popped up on our Instagram feed. What a joy!
Will you just look at this girl?!
Kyla made herself an adorable Sunny Day skirt from Modern Prairie Sewing.
I love it, Kyla! Way to go. Keep it up, girlie.
xoxo to you, Abi