Saturday, May 23, 2015

Modern Prairie Sewing Success Story from The Sewing Basket!

I opened up my email the other night to find one of the sweetest, most encouraging reviews of 
Modern Prairie Sewing possible! 

The review came from Lou Ann of The Sewing Basket
"Hi Abi, I just wanted to write to say that I have been selling your book at homeschool shows and quilt shows since it came out. I buy it at United Notions.... Anyway, I teach sewing when I'm not doing shows and I have just finished a year of working through your book with 6 teen girls. They (and I) loved it! 3 of them made the Riverwalk skirt! No easy task, but a very great pattern. I have used other books, but wanted to let you know that your book is excellently written and illustrated! I am ready for your second book! In the works? Thanks again for a great book! 
Lou Ann Rudeseal, The Sewing Basket, Arlington, TX"

She sent me the above picture of her cute sewing girls in their Riverwalk skirts with the note:
"I'm serious when I say we truly loved your book!!"

I loved looking through Lou Ann's photos on her Facebook and spotting numerous projects that her sewing students made using Modern Prairie Sewing. They did a fabulous job. And three cheers for those girls who made two of the most time consuming and thought provoking patterns in my book! You made the Jael bag [pictures above] and the Riverwalk skirts beautifully and perfectly!

Thanks so much for sharing with me, Lou Ann! 
Hugs to you and your sewing girls down in Arlington, Texas!